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We are SALEG Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of SALEG Ventures Limited.

We are a company uniquely positioned to contribute our quota to the revolution in the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry.

SALEG Pharmacy with RC No. 732389, was duly registered on 22nd of February 2008 to Mrs. W.O. Giwa

The pharmacy is dedicated to strengthening the health system in the country and delivering quality health care services.

We pride ourselves in ensuring adequate supply of drugs through our superb inventory management and control system. Also noteworthy is the round-the-clock presence of our competent Pharmacists, and support staff, to cater for your health needs.

At all times, we are alert to specific, current and potential threats to health, welfare and safety of customers. This helps reduce risks of unnecessary deaths, and greatly improves quality of life.

SALEG Pharmaceuticals is set to work in an environment where our role has expanded and the profession has evolved from merely that of dispensing, to playing a key role in diagnostics, treatment and care of patients. We are structured to meet the existing challenges head-on.

Our Mission

To contribute to the good health of our people and the attainment of the sustainable development goals, through the delivery of quality and standard pharmaceutical services.

Our Vision

To take the lead in setting the standard for excellent pharmaceutical care in the country.


Our Offerings

  • Drugs retail:  We provide quality drugs which are kept in standard facilities, under standard conditions, for storage and supply.
  • Counseling and consultation: we provide consultation and educational facilities under strict confidential conditions in a spacious and client-friendly environment.
  • Value added services
  • Free BP check
  • Free consultation and drug information services
  • Malaria test
  • Vaccination services under collaboration with IHVN and other
    licensed agencies (Expanded Healthcare coverage)
  • Anti-retroviral (ARV) Pharmacotherapy Services Delivered by well-trained
    Pharmacist Personnel
  • Blood sugar measurements at a subsidized rate


Why SALEG!!!

SALEG is modern community pharmacy located in an effective, secure and convenient area. We uphold a reputation of reliability in quality pharmaceutical care dissemination.  We provide undisputed value for money to clients by utilizing our resources to effectively manage cost.  As our integrity is of paramount importance, we have in place automatic monitoring systems that enable us detect and resolve emergent problems satisfactorily. We cater for our client’s specific needs by providing quality range of products and services that are effectively designed to boost clients’ appreciation.

Ultimately, we sell professionalism at its peak. That is why our happy clients say that we are the friendliest pharmacy in town!

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